Roxane Martino

Answers to your questions about lash extensions

1. Why would I get lash extensions?

To lengthen and/or to thicken your own natural lashes.

#2 How long do they last and how often do you have to do a fill?

Extensions should last the length of the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes, however, some will come off and this is why fills every 2-3 weeks are recommended.

#3 Will they affect my eyes?

The lashes themselves won’t affect your eyes, but if your eyes are sensitive, they may be sensitive to the glue, in which case, we can use a sensitive glue.

#4 Can I get them wet or what about crying?

You can get them wet, but you cannot rub them as this will or could take them off.

#5 What kind of makeup remover is safe to use on them?

You will have to use an oil free, water-based makeup remover because remover with an oil base can loosen up the bond. We carry these products for your convenience.

Stylist and Massage Therapist Needed