Mary McDermott, Licensed Massage Therapist

  Des Moines Salon TECMary has been licensed for almost 3 years graduated from La James International College. She specializes in relaxation, stress reduction, deep tissue and hot-stone massage.

Why I love my job:
“I get to help people feel better physically and mentally naturally through massage.”

My favorite product:
“Biofreeze – it has all natural ingredients and it works great for those sore muscles.”

You may not know:
“Massage can help with a variety of health conditions, from general aches and pains to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other issues with pain. It can also decrease stress, lowers blood pressure, improve skin tone and muscle tone.”

My methods of massage:
“I offer my clients several types of massage. Swedish massage is stress-reducing and improves blood circulation in the body. Hot-stone massage is a spa-like service or be incorporated in a sports massage that warms your core and is detoxifying and relaxing the muscles. Deep-tissue massage is effective at treating chronic pain and range-of-motion issues. I also offer prenatal massage for expecting mothers to relax tense achy muscles.”

Personal motto:
“Treat others as you want to be treated.”

*Prior to your first massage with Mary, please print and fill out this form. Bring it with you to your appointment.*

*Massage appointments that are missed and not canceled or rescheduled before the start time of their scheduled appointment will have a $30 fee added when their next massage service is performed.