Salon TECMassage is a great way to combat many of the problems caused by stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and headaches. It has even been proven effective in helping children with autism. Many patients with fibromyalgia find relief with massage. It can also boost performance, prevent injury, and speed recovery time from injuries. If you have lost range of motion due to injury or aging, massage therapy can help you recover strength ad mobility.

Salon TEC is thrilled to offer our clients the services of licensed massage therapist Mary McDermott.
She is available to help with your pain or stress relief.

To book a massage, call us at 515-222-0200.

*Prior to your first massage with Mary, please print and fill out this form. Bring it with you to your appointment.*

*Massage appointments that are missed and not canceled or rescheduled before the start time of their scheduled appointment will have a $30 fee added when their next massage service is performed.