Answers to your questions about massage

Whether get a massage every week or have never had one, you probably have questions about the service. We took the three questions we get most often and asked Robert Crane, our licensed massage therapist, for answers.

1. I’ve never had a hot stone massage, what’s the difference and why would I choose it over a normal massage?

A hot stone massage uses stones heated in a stone warmer to warm and relax, tight and sore muscles. If you are looking for a way to relax on a cold day a hot stone massage may be just what you’re looking for.

#2 I get migraines all the time, why does this happen and will massage fix it?

Migraines are caused by different things for different people. If you suffer from frequent migraines you should first seek the help of a physician to try and find out what triggers your migraines. If you have a migraine a skilled massage therapist may be able to help, but there is no guarantee with migraines.

#3 I wake up and my arms are asleep. Why does this happen and will massage cure it?

It could be caused by a condition called thoracic outlet, skilled massage can help to alleviate this condition. It’s always best to start with a visit to your physician though, to be sure that there isn’t anything more serious going on.