When Should You Replace Your Hair Tools?

Speak with your stylist and check out these tips.

If you have had your hair dryer longer than 3 years, it may be time to replace it. First check out the back of your dryer, and see if the vent may need to be cleaned. If you have cleaned your dryer but it sounds weird, loud, or if it no longer blows hot air, these are signs that it’s time for a new dryer. A hair blow dryer will typically have 200-300 hours of life or 2-4 years.

Hot tools (curlers, wands, straighteners, etc.) should be cleaned to remove hair product and color. Signs that is time to replace hot tools are:

  • it takes longer to heat up
  • it has to be put on max setting for optimal use
  • you have to reheat sections of hair over and over
  • it pulls the hair when using
  • dark spots on the the tool plate

Your hot tools will generally have 1-2 years of life.

If you have questions about your current tools; bring them in for your stylist to help you decide if it’s time to have them replaced.