Deserving Women Get Makeovers On Us


Beth Makeover by RonaNominated by her sister Karen, Beth “is always doing for others.” This mother of three lost a daughter and helped her two sons cope with the loss. She always does whatever it takes to care for her children and is excited to start a career as a grief counselor. She “knows firsthand what families go through and what they need.” Beth is graduating with her associate’s degree in Human Service this May and plans to go on to get her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Service from the University of Iowa.

Makeover by Rona Jacobs


Lavonne Makeover by StevieA loving mother of three, 33-year-old Lavonne has a gift for making children “feel valued, safe, and loved,” says her sister Ruthanna. In addition to adopting one child, she and her husband have two long-term foster children, one of whom they are in the process of adopting. She runs a small in-home daycare and volunteers with her church. Lavonne works hard and “fills a need as soon as she’s aware it exists.” She rarely takes the time or money to tend to her own needs, much less her wants, so she needed this day that was all about her.

Makeover by Stevie Bosman


Jessica MakeoverShe lost a great deal of weight and she’s always had a great head of hair, but Jessica has never taken the time to create a “look,” her friend Allison says. That’s because Jessica is always busy taking care of others, especially her family. After losing her dog of 10 years recently, it was time for Jessica to have a day of pampering to forget her stresses. “She works hard and is such a kind person,” Allison says. “It would be great to give her the chance to glam up and feel great about herself.” How could she not after this stunning makeover?

Makeover by Tammy Frohele


Jodi Makeover by SarahCarrie nominated her friend Jodi for makeover because “she is a very hardworking single mom of two. She never does anything for herself but her kids always have everything they need and want.” Jodi has been through a lot in life. She overcame many struggles, including drug addiction and missing her boyfriend, the father of her children, while he was in prison. She is strong and has grown into a wonderful woman and, if we do say so ourselves, one stylish momma!

Makeover by Sarah Crane


Iliana Makeover by JulieMother Becky felt her daughter deserved a makeover, and we couldn’t agree more. Like many other moms, Iliana is busy raising her son, first grader Nathan. She has more on her plate, however, being in a relationship with Brian, who lives full time in a wheelchair. “She cares for him with the love of a wife and the compassion of a full-time caregiver,” mom Becky says. Iliana is also back in college, taking 16 credit hours a semester and getting straight As. She “does it all with a beautiful smile and positive outlook.” We hope this moakeover gives Iliana a great start to a new year.

Makeover by Julie Alsted

Will a spray tan make me orange?

No way! Our perfectly blended cosmetic bronzer will give you that “just off the beach” look and then transition smoothly into the DHA color that will later develop. All Norvell solutions are designed to create a custom color shade between the DHA/Erythulose combination and your natural skin tone.

The unwanted orange color is the result of high pH levels within the skin. To avoid this effect, extremely light-complected customers or those tanning for the first time should be sprayed with Norvell xLaTan pH Balancing prep spray to balance the skin’s pH levels prior to their application.

Answers to your questions about massage

Whether get a massage every week or have never had one, you probably have questions about the service. We took the three questions we get most often and asked Robert Crane, our licensed massage therapist, for answers.

1. I’ve never had a hot stone massage, what’s the difference and why would I choose it over a normal massage?

A hot stone massage uses stones heated in a stone warmer to warm and relax, tight and sore muscles. If you are looking for a way to relax on a cold day a hot stone massage may be just what you’re looking for.

#2 I get migraines all the time, why does this happen and will massage fix it?

Migraines are caused by different things for different people. If you suffer from frequent migraines you should first seek the help of a physician to try and find out what triggers your migraines. If you have a migraine a skilled massage therapist may be able to help, but there is no guarantee with migraines.

#3 I wake up and my arms are asleep. Why does this happen and will massage cure it?

It could be caused by a condition called thoracic outlet, skilled massage can help to alleviate this condition. It’s always best to start with a visit to your physician though, to be sure that there isn’t anything more serious going on.