All About Extensions

We get a lot of questions from customers about extensions. Not surprising given how popular they have become in recent years. Extensions come in a lot of price ranges but we strongly recommend that people choose high-quality products like Great Lengths Extensions, which are 100% human hair. Unlike synthetic extensions, natural options can be blow dried, curled, and flat ironed just like your own real hair.

A customer recently told us she had heard extensions can make your hair fall out. Unfortunately, there are horror stories from people who’ve used cheap DIY products. Applied properly, however, Great Lengths Extensions will actually help the health of your hair. A trained stylist can ensure that each head of extensions matches the density of the client’s own hair so it does not cause damage. The extensions can also protect a client’s hair from rain and other elements, allowing the natural hair to grow and become more healthy. Extensions are a positive, life changing experience for anyone needing more length, fullness or style for a special event.

Extensions are also a great solution for people who like to keep a head of trendy-colored hair. Another client recently complained that many of the dyes she uses for high-fashion hair colors fade very fast. In her case, colored extensions are a perfect solution; they are actually healthier than dyes because they don’t require pre-lightening of the hair before use. Also, the color will not fade for the life of the extensions and you get to pick the exact hue you want before application so you’ll never be disappointed in the color.

If you want to give extensions a try, contact our Julie McClish, who specializes in Great Lengths Extensions. To make an appointment with Julie, call the salon at 515.222.0200.